About Me

Who are you? – I am Red, a thirty something living in Singapore. I am what you would call a travel fan. Fanatic. I want to see everything, experience everything. There is so much to see and do, and nothing gives me more satisfaction.

What’s your travel philosophy? – As cliche as it is, mine is simple. Travel in pursuit of knowledge. Be there, soak in the atmosphere, enjoy the experience, and travel with an open mind. Seeking knowledge is essential, and what better way that traveling. The experience makes for a better human being, and the best thing about it is that it stays with you for life.

What in the world is The Furious Panda? – That is a community site i built on Facebook, to post travel news and stuff so I don’t spam people who are not travel junkies like me. It’s also a space where I can find like-minded travel buddies.

Why Furious Panda? – I had this blog space forever, and thought that it was as good a travel blog page title as any. If you insist on a proper answer, I played the MMORPG WoW way back in 2006, and my nick is Furfur. I like the Pandarens in the game. Hence FURious PANDA.