Now this is interesting. Bootsnall has a travel challenge every single week of 2012. A topic, a prompt or a question that I’ll write about. Sounds like an interesting challenge, so here goes. WK01 of #indie2012 is about travel resolutions.

So without much ado, here is a list of things to do and places to visit in hopefully 2012 à which I tweeted about last week.

1)      The Wakhan corridor in Afghanistan – Secluded in the northeast corner of Afghanistan, the Wakhan area boasts one of most scenic trekking around the region.

2)      North Korea – Pyongyang looks like THE place to visit this year, after the handover of power to the younger Kim. Arirang festival should be a bigger affair; it is just too bad that the timing is wrong when I am around there.

3)      Petra in Jordan – Thanks to all the #GoJordan tweets over the last month, Petra’s rock carved architecture is on my travel resolution list.

4)      Asmara – The capital of Eritrea, with its Italian influence was a destination back in 2009, but unfortunately, it was next to impossible to obtain a visa. Now is the time for a second attempt.

5)      Socotra – Part of Yemen, located south of the mainland, the flora and fauna is said to be nothing that you have ever seen.

6)      Korakoram Highway – A road trip starting for Kashgar in China and ending in Gilgit in Pakistan. Probably by public transport. And just one of those things on my list that needs to be done.

7)      Libya – I am still crossing my fingers that by the second half of next year, Libya will be more indie tourist friendly, without the need for a guide and all that.

8)      Iran – The Persian cultures, the Safavid empires, the central asian influence; Iran has to be on this list. So rich in history, I look forward to this particular destination.

9)      Traipsing central Asia – More historical cities of the Silk Road, Samarkand, Bukhara, Kiva, Merv. I’ll take every destination I can get to. The political climate makes some of the cities inaccessible, but at least a decent attempt is on the cards.

10)   Georgia – In fact, all of the Caucasus, but especially Georgia for its hospitality and landscapes.

That's the Korakoram Range in the background. So more landscapes like this in 2012 then =)

Sounds like a very ambitious resolution list, doesn’t it. But goals are meant to be ambitious. Here’s where  S.M.A.R.T. acronym comes in useful. These above I would say are pretty Specific. Measurable as well, since setting foot on each location would count as having completed the task. Definitely Attainable, despite the list looking absolutely crazy and some would say challenging! They are Relevant to my own personal goals, as well as Timely. I give myself a year. Wish me luck!

The Indie Travel Challenge is a year-long blogging project. Every Monday, BootsnAll will post a new prompt, question, or challenge that bloggers can respond to via text, photos, or video.



Travel Resolutions 2012
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