Interlude: Rasai Sri Lanka!

So. 9 days and 2 kg later. Here’s a blog post about food. Rasai means Delicious in Sinhalese =) I pinched the post title from a Sri Lankan food festival promotional ad.

Typical Sri lankan rice and curry meal. Spicy and bloody fantastic too.

 This is how we wash our hands, with “tissue” made out of newspapers

 Rotti. plain. with egg. or those triangular ones with vege.

 Spiced chick peas. kacang puteh style

Breakfast buffer. made out of dhal. rotti, and string hoppers (extreme right flour like stringy things)

 Kottu Rotti! It’s like prata with meat, minced into tiny slices over a chopping board.

 Waday. and Samosa. Street eats.

 Plain rotti, samosas behind the counter.

 Mobile bakery.

Hoppers. Plain and with egg.

 Rice and curry spread

 Tropical Sri Lankan fruits

 Rice and Curry Hotels. Hotels here means restaurant.

 Yoghurt. At 35 singapore cents for one, it’s a steal

Rice and curry set – with chicken curry!

 Rice and curry. With fish!

 Deviled chicken and deviled fish

 Sri Lankan highland tea. and oh so English setting

 Home cooked Sri Lankan meal

Fried rice

 Thosai with dhal and deviled chicken

Wattalapam – coconut custard

 Cream soda – local diabetes inducing soft drink

 Fried noodles.

 Wood apple, with chilli powder

Chilli mango slices

Heck, just go to the wikipedia page to learn more. =)

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