100 – Homebound

6th Mar, Singapore. Yo! =)

So here we are, day 100 of traveling. I am in KLCC Starbucks, with 2 hours to burn before the AirAsia flight from KL to SG takes off. I landed earlier at 625am in KL International Airport. From there, take a 2.50 RM transfer bus that takes 20 minutes to KLCC.

Nope, I did not intentionally plan it to be 100 days. Remember my AirAsiaX flight was cancelled, meaning i stayed another day out here. But in the end, it is a nice round number that makes sense.

To those of you who have been following my journal, thanks! I  hope you enjoyed me going on and on, as i have enjoyed reading all your comments out here. (they keep me close to home!) I’ll probably compile some sort of summary of the trip eventually. Anyway, it’s been a blast. And until the next big trip, cheerios all. God bless!

P/S And Oi! SMS me because i want to catch up with you. Yes you, the one reading this. Wait a couple days though, let me replace my lost SIM card and phone.

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    Red, July dayang trip accounts not uploaded yet?? – Fariz

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