80 – Time out in Nairobi

Sun 14th Feb, New Kenya Lodge, Nairobi, Kenya

At around 7am, i made my way to the New Kenya Lodge. This was home, i’ve been here when i was in Kenya, and the familiarity meant i could drop my guard and just relax. Today i would spend time just relaxing, i wanted to get a cheap replacement camera, but it was a Sunday and many of the shops in the city were closed.

Instead, i surfed the net for safari options, stocked up on LOTs of stuff (noodles, drinking chocolate, bread, shampoo). I also see many of the familiar faces still here. The Jap duo just came in this morning, after a week and a half in Mombasa, Malindi and Lamu. Justin and his dog were still here, they were supposed to leave in the morning to Dar Es Salaam, but he ran into problems with the coach company, got into an argument when they didn’t allow the dog (after reassuring him when he bought the ticket it would not be a problem). Instead he would leave tomorrow morning on a matatu to Arusha, halfway to Dar. The French guy with funky hair who works with some Agricultural firm was still here, and horny Pakistani old man was still around as well. Plus all the regular staff here, and i was comfortable.

Still contemplating whether to bother with a safari trip or just take it slow along the coast. I’ll stay another day and see what develops.

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