69 – City slickers

Wed 3rd Feb, New Kenya Lodge, Nairobi, Kenya
Spent the day first with breakfast with the two german girls, then i went off for a spot of internet. Wandered around the city, much to say, but since i will be back in Nairobi at least once, I will leave it to a later entry (that and because this is so delayed).

In the end, I decided that i would make my way to Uganda after all, and bought a ticket on Kampala Coach for 1800 KSH. The coach departs tomorrow at 6am, and i would regret taking these early buses later on, just because they arrive in the late evening or when it is dark. Trust me, it is not easy to get around in a brand new city and orientate yourself when you have completely no idea where you are.

Took out some cash (both Mastercard and VISA exists here). After which, i decided to just take it easy today and caught a movie, Old Dogs, starring Travolta and Robin Williams. Price is 350 KSH, pretty much the same as in Singapore. Wasn’t a brilliant movie, i was planning to catch Sherlock Holmes, but couldn’t find a screen showing it.

The rest of the time was generally spent at the New Kenya Lodge, talking to the other travelers. This is probably the highest concentration of them so far in one place since Dahab in Egypt. The place would have been perfect if only there was wireless connection. =)

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