60 – Time out in S.land

Mon 25th  Jan, Oriental Hotel, Hargeisa
There is nothing much to be said of today. In the morning, i had a full lunch of rice and mutton before lazing in the hotel. Went out to just see the many buildings, as well as the lively markets. I get the usual “China!” catcalls, though the irony is that the chinese investment money doesn’t reach here, since it does not receive international recognition. Similarly, international investors are wary of putting money into the country, which the government and Somalilanders outside the country are trying to change by raising awareness of the situation here.

Had dinner of Shiroo (2000 Shillings), which is some sort of corn or millet paste that you eat with milk. The milk is sour, and i asked other patrons if it was meant to be sour. Yes. It was like eating curdled milk and i didn’t finish it, of course. Tomorrow, we head back into Ethiopia, into the walled city of Harar. Days like today are good, just staying put and relaxing. Running around on long distance buses every day would inevitably lead to burnout when one travels for such a long period. That being said, tomorrow onwards, i will be doing the long haul of 4 days from Harar to Nairobi in Kenya.

Elaborate henna tattoos, courtesy of Chris (thanks!).

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