49 – A day at the musuem(s)

Thu 14th  Jan, Itegue Taitu Hotel, Addis Ababa
So i decided on going clockwise and stayed another day. That way i can visit the salt lakes along the way (since the Danakil Depression was expensive with 4WD hires and all that) and also save on costs in Djibouti, which is an expensive place to go.

In the late morning, took a walk down to the bus station and get the Dessie-bound tickets. But they were sold out. One ticket guy tells me to turn up tomorrow morning and he’ll sort it out. Not sure how he is going to do that, but it will probably cost more.

Next, went down to the museums around town, namely the National Museum and the Ethnological Museum. The first museum (10 birr entry) was of interest because of Lucy, our apeman ancestor first found in Ethiopia. There was also Selam, a 3 year old ape from around the same period, discovered in 2003.

The second musuem was in the middle of the Addis Ababa Univesity grounds, in their ethnological studies building. The museum (20 birr entry) was divided into 3 sections, Chilhood, Adulthood, and Death & Beyond.  The exhibits were interesting enough to keep me occupied for a couple of hours.

Dinner was a tuna pizza, another welcome change from the daily dose of injeera. Tonight would probably be the last one though. Tomorrow I go back on the road, together with Chris the Englishman i met yesterday at the embassy.

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