41 – Grocery shopping in Mekele

Wed 6th Jan, Dallas Hotel, Mekele
Yes, that’s the most interesting thing that happened today. Grocery shopping. Walking around the Mekele streets, and soaking in the relaxed atmostphere was a real treat. Walked around the market (check out the pic of the salt bars from the nearby Danakil Depression, an inhospitable area up to 120m below sea level and averaging 50 degrees celsius!) and found a small supermarket selling cheap stuff. Stocked up on 5 packs of instant noodles, eggs, 3 packs of biscuits, orange flavoured bread, sugar mini doughnuts, dental floss, peanuts. All for less than SGD10.. That’s how cheap things are over here.
Also tried in vain to look for an electric kettle (these are SO useful) and an FM receiver (yesterday’s bus driver tuned to Ethiopian radio channel for a brief moment and it played English music (Boyz II Men) which made me realise how much i missed the radio).
Tomorrow it’s back to bus rides to small towns again. We head to Woldia, which lies south of Mekele and leads to the final destination, Lalibela’s rock churches.
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