39 – Stelae is a new word in my dictionary

Mon 4th Jan, Africa Hotel, Aksum
Started out the day late. We may pass on the festival days in Lalibella on the 6th and 7th, since the crowd there would mean advance booking and private transport. Going by public transport, it takes maybe 3 days, with stops in Mekele and Woldia. Not worth the trouble in my opinion.
Had brunch in one of the cafe/restaurants. In my quest to find local food that suites my palate that is not injeera, i have come across special fir fir (at least that’s what i think it is called). It is a dish of pieces of torn bread drowned in some sort of bolognaise sauce, topped with sour yoghurt and scrambled egg. It actually tastes better than it sounds.
Next I visited the sites Aksum is famous for. The remnants of the Aksum dynasty litter the now small town of Aksum. The ticket (50 birr / half price students) covers all the sites around Aksum except the Mary Zion church (100 birr). First was the Northern Stelae Park. A stelae is a tall pylon or obelisk or plinth erected upwards that extolls the might of the Aksumite rulers. And the park had the biggest ones. The highest (around 30m) has toppled. Around the ruins are tombs as well. Took walks to the Tombs of King Caleb and the Queen of Sheba’s palace in the other direction.
(Have not uploaded the photos for this entry yet. And frankly i have no idea how to edit my post later it since i am posting as emails for now. This will be how it’s done till i get out to the next country. Plan is to hit Djibouti and Somaliland wherehopefully I can access my OWN blog!)

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  • mama January 6, 2010   Reply →

    as salammu alaikum hai anak,alhamdulillah u r fit n fine; smoga dlm jagaan Allah selalu; amin

  • uncle January 8, 2010   Reply →

    jgn lupa jamakqasar take care

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