37 – Trekking the Simien Mountains (Day 2)

Sat 2nd Jan, Sankaber Lodge, Simien Mountains National Park
Today we made our way to the next lodge, a 3 – 4 hour trek. This time, we caught sight of an entire community of baboons, thanks to our scout Bokat. At points, I was less than 3m away from them. They were scratching themselves, foraging for food, completely oblivious to the humans around them.
Reached the next lodge (40 birr) and dumped our bags there. It was my bag, for without it, i had no problem keeping up with the much fitter duo in front of me. We saw deers, more gelada baboons, ravens and some breathtaking views below. After that was done, we headed back to camp.
Of course, there was much more to see if we were to trek beyond Sankaber, but that would be a lot more costly. Instead we slept at the lodge. The family manning the place were a lot friendlier than the previous night’s and we really enjoyed the stay. We (no, kang) had injeera (20 birr each, overpriced but hey, we’re at 3000+ m). Plus there was a room heater, i’m not sure what you call them.. We bought a stack of wood (15 birr) and chucked them to burn inside the stove heater thingy. The whole room was lovely and warm. I really hated the cold. For someone who comes from a country where the average temp is 30 degrees, 0 degrees at night is unbearable. Also, with the metal tray used for the injeera, we cooked our instant noodles by placing the tray with water on top of the stove thingy.
All in all, it was a great evening by the fire inside the dorm. And we meet a couple of drivers who stayed in the dorm lodge with us. They would be picking up some campers and bringing them down to Debark, before departing to Aksum. This is great, we agreed on a price (300 birr each, steep). We’ll hitch a ride with them tomorrow and make the long journey to Aksum in a day.

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