8 – DnD (or Diving in Dahab)

4rd Dec, 2130hrs, 7Heaven Dorms, Dahab
Firstly, i will start by complaining about the terrible internet connection here. For which I paid 15 EGP (for 24hrs). It is very slow when it does decide to work. So i doubt I will even get this posted tonight.

Took the all-nighter from Cairo to Dahab (90 EGP, 1230am, 9 hrs). This time I was prepared and armed with my overnight bus cold weather gear. Found the Turgoman Garage (the old place now replaced by a spanking new mall, with bus station underneath) with much difficulty.

Delightful – Dahab beachfront

Reached Dahab at 9am, diving mecca, Koh Samui of Egypt, are amongst it’s many accolades. It was still empty in the morning, but telltale signs abound that Dahab beach is catered for tourists. Walked up and down for a decent place to stay, preferably with wifi. =). And promptly found 7Heaven, with  it’s adjoining Dives Down Under outfit. Took a bed in the dorm (20EGP) and signed up for 24hrs wireless (15 EGP, which I probably will not renew thereafter). The crowd there are like more than 50% Asians. Apparently, Dahab is on all the Japanese and South Korean versions of LP travel guidebooks and they recommend 7Heaven Hotel/Camp.

Dumped by bag in the dorm. I am tired from the overnight travel. Then went to check out the dive prices. It was quite affordable really, with 30 to 40 USD per dive (120 for a 4 dives package and cheaper as you do more) with full gear included. I had to go for a refresher dive (40 USD), which is probably a good idea, since I have never dived with two wetsuits, 11kg on my weightbelt, and in very salty water. All dives are shore dives. Some lionfish, pipefish, goatfish. Nothing spectacular so far, maybe I have been too spoilt by Indonesian waters. Too bad I did not bring my underwater camera casing, but it’s just not worth the hassle, especially if I’m only diving this once.

The entire scene at the dive shop seems like a United Nation of sorts. Egyptian, Japanese, Hong Kongers, Europeans, and even one other Singaporean. I met Sean who was in Egypt for 16 days, last two days now. Feels good to switch to Singlish =). Had dinner at Napoleon Place just outside (25 EGP) with him. He’s leaving on the night bus.

Decadence (& this cool Chinese guy works in Congo!)

Tomorrow I will do a couple of dives. Day after I intend to just relax. Like i said, I need to slow things down, and Dahab seems like the perfect place to do so. For once, I am sitting around in t-shirt and shorts, but not shiver, albeit it was still cold temp, but at least there was some sun.

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