16 – Into Aswan

12th Dec, 1030hrs, Nubian Oasis Hotel, Aswan
I’m in Aswan now, much more laid back than busy Cairo or tourist filled Luxor. There’s plenty to see here too, but it just seems that life moves at a slower pace. The hotel is above the souq, i can here the goings-on below.

Left Luxor early in the morning, took the train (44 EGP) down to Aswan. I can do minor conversation with sign language now, haha. Plus a few others like ‘good morning’. When I do that everyone assumes i can speak Arabic. This one lady launched into a conversation with me. It was pretty much one way, with me nodding every other sentence. LOL. Sat with her at the train, she was still going on and on. But when the train finally left, she was crying softly to herself. Must have left someone dear back at Luxor.

Reached Aswan around noon and oriented myself to the town. Didn’t take long to find the Nile Navigation Company. Actually met the Salah Takourney guy there, the one i’ve been emailng. Got my 2nd class tickets at 311 EGP. First clas was 489 EGP.

Went along the souq road till I found Nubian Oasis. The guys back at Boomerang recommended this hotel. At 25 EGP including breakfast for a room with shared bathrooms, it was a pretty good deal. Took a nap, didn’t sleep enough recently. Evening time, went out to get dinner (Egytian pizza, big portion, 30 EGP). Also, I joined the tour to Abu Simbel. Will wake up at 3am for the journey there.

Ps. no photos yet. I’ll update when I have time. Rushing these two posts cos I’ll be off to Sudan next. edit: one photo i finally managed to upload!

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