Pai is a quaint little backpacker town 4 hours away from Chiang Mai.  For a period of time, travelers, backpackers and the like would visit the town, intending to spend a couple of days there, but staying a lot longer. Now that the town has an airport which flies to and from Chiang Mai daily since ’07, the tourist crowd would probably descend on to the place, making it lose much of its charm.

Pai – 12Sep’05
Day 2. Took a Tuktuk down to Arcade bus station, to catch the local 9am aircon bus to Pai. 4 hour bus ride (longer, it drizzled again like last night), up and down winding mountain slopes. Pai is located in a valley.

Bus occupants, 4 backpackers from Germany, touring Asia. Some hill tribe women. Some locals. And the fella sitting beside me: Israeli guy, bicycle parked on top of coach, been in ChiangMai past year, has a place at the bottom of mountain just on outskirts of ChiangMai. Today he is off to Pai to learn from his “Body Worker” Thai master, meditation and breathing techniques. That kind of new age thing.

Chatted with the Germans a bit. Made up mind to better learn more phrases than Sawadikap and Kwap Phon Kap to survive next few days…

Stopped after 2.5 hours. Break. Toilet. Relieve motion sickness. Too winding, the roads. Reached Pai about 3 or so. Israeli seatmate Ryan recommended Good Life guesthouse, so off i go to search for it.

First time on Pai street, walked down the main street. Map says turn left and junction. I walked on and passed by REALLY tiny road. Nah, can’t be that on the map. Went on. Realised after 15 minutes I walked 200 metres ahead where i shouldnt. This town is tiny…Found Good Life guesthouse, looks like a converted local house. 2 floor 3 rooms for guests. There’s me, later that night met Kaye, German guy who just bought a 2nd hand motorbike and rode from Chiang Mai. Plus Paul, English guy who lives here!

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