Pai – Exploring the town

Pai is a quaint little backpacker town 4 hours away from Chiang Mai.  For a period of time, travelers, backpackers and the like would visit the town, intending to spend a couple of days there, but staying a lot longer. Now that the town has an airport which flies to and from Chiang Mai daily since ’07, the tourist crowd would probably descend on to the place, making it lose much of its charm.

Pai – 12Sep’05
Decided to shower, then look around town a bit. People here from everywhere, lots of angmohs ‘farangs’ who somehow know each other. Yeah been here that long. Lots of hill tribe colourfully dressed women, thai army guys, thai locals, muslims in headdresses. Practically a mish mash of people. Dreadlocked hippy types, families, you name it, you have it.

Buildings. Lots of guesthouse, residential are thatched huts, businesses offering Hill Tribe treks, elephant rides, bungee jumps, ATVs, river bamboo rafting. Then you have the local shops, selling groceries. Tribe women selling handicraft, the english bed and breakfast joint, the german bar, a jazz cafe (open mic nite that day). Mish mash. One 7-eleven. But very peaceful. No wonder, these people stay here.

Oh yeah, place was flooded just last month. Quite badly, lots of the guesthouses across the river (the Aframe huts) all washed away. Looks pretty bad. Some areas still not recovered, like bridge not fixed.

Evening market. About 5 oclock till 7, the entire main road (yeah that ONE) gets cordoned off and stallowners roll the wares. Frog legs, chicken, fruits, veges.

Dinner time, late dinner at this Muslimhome selling pita and bread. I thought I had it tough looking for food : There was this Jewish couple who kept asking me questions whether the meat and the vege is separated during cooking. Plus which direction the sun rises from. Tough man…

Night time, sleep.

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