Doi Ithanon

Doi Ithanon at 2565 meters is the highest point in Thailand. It is an accessible drive up to the summit.

Doi Ithanon – 16Sep’05
Reached Chiang Mai in the afternoon around 1pm and got a room near the Tapae gate. I asked around and decided that I could make my way to the foot of Doi Ithanon using a public songthaew before taking the transport up the summit. The idea was to have a quick visit, catch the sunset and be back in Chiang Mai by dusk. 

Best laid plans, but I upon getting off the songthaew, I found out that the transport up stopped for the day. around 4pm i think. So i was stranded halfway up the mountain. I waited to flag some public transport and sat at the roadside stall. Fortunately a nice young Thai couple from Bangkok offered to drive me up (one of them works at Unilever) where there are basic huts and a resort to stay overnight. Now my bag is still back in Chiang Mai and I have nothing on me but my clothes. Still, I got the cash so decided to go with this arrangement. Got a room, with a towel and soap. Took dinner with the couple and a shower before hiding underneath my blanket. It’s 2000+ meters high, and very cold at night. We’ll meet up again tomorrow morning to take their car to the summit.

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