Doi Ithanon and back home

Doi Ithanon at 2565 meters is the highest point in Thailand. It is an accessible drive up to the summit.

Doi Ithanon – 17Sep’05
Early morning went up to the summit, we were the first few.  The summit was a stretched raised wooden boardwalk meandering through the vegetation. In the morning mist, it was quite serene and exquisite. Then met up with the couple again at the twin Thai Chedis. The tourists were starting to appear around the area. Explored the chedis, including the flower garden around them. Finally left with the very nice couple who drove me back all the way to Chiang Mai. Thanked them lots, for without them i would probably be stranded halfway up the mountain.

Can’t quite recall whether I left for SG on that day itself or stayed one more night. End of Chiang Mai. =)

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