Day 6-9 – Finishing up

Ok. I haven’t been writing beyond here, and Im back in SG. So here’s a quick summary of the last 3 days. Large part to the fact that I ploughed through my Da Vinci Code novel, instead of keying in entries into the HTC Touch.
We reached Huay Xai around 10 in morning of day 7. Almost 4 hours behind schedule, possibly caused by the persistent drizzle. Kris woke me up from slumber at 5.30am. “Wake up, Red, we’re here”. except we were’nt. It was a roadside pee break…
The sign says, Please Check Your Visa. Not that hard to clear immigration imo, there's no one around!
Huay Xai is a border town on one side of the Mekong. Across the river is Chiang Khong, Thailand. Had a last lunch in Laos, spent and converted our remaining Kip (useless outside Laos, unlikely any money changer will want them). Cleared immigrations, there wasn’t much immigration. haha.
Took a 2 hour public bus to Chiang Rai, checked out the local market, and the ‘hawker centre’. Bought more rubbish. Walked around somemore, had dinner, some enterprising Tuk Tuk drivers tried offering pretty girls for 700 baht. Walked around somemore. Talked to this guy who is from Pitcairn Island, which is like the most isolated place in the world. Next day, flew to Bangkok, shopped. But then who wants to hear about these bits. On day 9, finally took flight back to Singapore.
The Demon Moustache Squid Roasts - that must be tasty
Conclusion : Nice trip, Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang were the highlights. Vang Vieng is nice if places like Pai in Thailand is your cup of tea. Luang Prabang for the general feel of the place. Further off the track explorations I would have liked to visit could be to Luang Namtha for trekking, or south to Tha Khaek to do the Loop. That’s about it. Khop Jai Lai Lai!

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