Day 3 – Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng is another Pai like backpacker paradise located between Vientiane and Luang Prabhang. Recently however it is also becoming very touristy with “eco-adventure” companies setting up. Check out the countryside for the scenery, caves and other natural sights.

Laos – 16Jun’09
As I’m writing this, it is day 5 on the 6 hour van ride to luang prabhang. Certainly more leg room compared to…
Day 3. We set off to vang vieng early morning on a sardine packed van and I got the short end of the straw : the crap seat with engine under my feet hence absolutely no leg room for 4 hours.
Man these limestone rock structures are nice. Climber’s paradise. Scenery’s fantastic but the damn road winds up and down the valley incessantly. The only breaks were the infrequent stops as we wait for herds of cows to get off the road.
Reached vang vieng, here’s a vid of the town area.

Had Phad Lao for lunch before going tubing down the river. Just sit inside tube at let the river carry you shiok! Except when I ran into stray branches after drifting too near to the bank. Dinner was at nokeo restaurant, where I went Mythbuster and found out just how sticky lao sticky rice is. Conclusion: very sticky. Like spiderman sticky, sticks to my plastic bag held at 90 degrees. Later that night went for a traditionally lao massage. pretty mild but still came out feeling stretched. Less acrobatics than thai and certainly less painful than the chinese sinsehs.


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