Day 3 – The Waterfall that wasnt

On way back, passed by sign that said Mae Yen Waterfall. Followed a dirt trail in, thinking I’d visit the falls. Passed by plenty of padi fields, then started to go in between the hills. Road started to get really muddy…After 30+ minutes of aching thighs and submerged tires, ready to give up. When along comes this fella on a dirt bike, happily going over the trail like nothing. I was dying the last 30 or so minutes… So this South African opium smoking guy on the bike offers to recce up ahead for me. Revved away.. Came back 5 minutes later. Said its a rip off nothing ahead but a dam. I carried on though, reached a small hut, then the bike trail ends had to go by foot. Since my thighs are gone, decided to turn back instead. Learnt later from the guesthouse person that its a 3 hour trek in by foot.. Doh.

That afternoon was spent relaxing, bargained for stuff. Went for a Northern Thai Massage (there is a difference!) at the Lonely Planet recommended place: Pai Traditional Thai Massage. Owner even had a cert from Northern Thailand School of Natural Medicine. This SA guy met on the street gave a flyer to see him play at the Walk In Bar. Went there for a bit then left. Need sleep, exhausting morning.

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