Series of unfortunate events

red is documenting this because this deserves documenting.

1) Spectacles screw keeps coming out, so right lens keeps dropping.
broken specs
2) Wanted to go hum to loud music
3) All dressed up and good to go.
4) Cannot find wallet. Lost!
5) Searches car, house, bag, void deck trash bin (cos remember throwing plastic bag tt afternoon)
6) Very frustrated. Spec lens drop out. In anger, throws specs aside. Goes to room to sulk.
7) Searched everywhere but can’t find. Cancels ATM & other cards.
8) Goes to sleep blind, spec lens is now missing. suspects evil house cat.

evil house cat

1) Morning calls office. Finds left wallet there. In drawer. DAMN.
2) Goes out to play soccer. Get VERY swollen left ankle.
3) Sprain. Limps home.
4) Thankfully it’s the left ankle. Auto car.
evil house cat
5) Intends to buy new set of contact lenses & replace specs later.
6) Removes lenses & limps around blind the whole afternoon so that eye checkup is not screwed due to wearing lenses (says the opto)
7) Evening intends to limp to shop to buy nice specs. All dressed up
8) Realises no ATM or other cards to pay for nice specs
useless cards
9) Resigned laughter. Goes to mope & finish stuff for work in front of the PC. Blindly.
10) Sigh

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